Our little Sephiroth x Cloud (Waiter and Maid) photoshoot~

The pictures were taken at Contopia 2014. Sorry that it took so long to upload them. I didn’t have much time for it. ^^;

Kinny as Sephiroth
me as Cloud

pictures by Subi

One of my best friends and me :3
It was a great day and it was so cool having people, I’ve never met before, recognize me and even know my name (just through cosplay alone). I felt like a famous person. xDDD

oh and don’t worry. Seph x Cloud photos are coming soon >D

I’m so lazy at the moment. Too much to do with cosplay stuff and my friends of course^^

Subi as Aerith
me as Cloud
pictures by Mika (taken at Dokomi 2014)

Sephiroth x Cloud (cross-dressing) YAOI doujinshi

Because this doujinshi will include explicit sex scenes, I uploaded it on my website~

Go here if you want to read it:

I got something special from Kinny. I never thought that I would get this cellphone o(^o^)o
….and my collection increased^^

Project Zero (Fatal Frame) Cosplay
me as Mafuyu Hinasaki

pictures by LexZex