Sephiroth x Cloud (cross-dressing) YAOI doujinshi

Because this doujinshi will include explicit sex scenes, I uploaded it on my website~

Go here if you want to read it:

I got something special from Kinny. I never thought that I would get this cellphone o(^o^)o
….and my collection increased^^

Project Zero (Fatal Frame) Cosplay
me as Mafuyu Hinasaki

pictures by LexZex


      I can only bloom my wishes.
           You’re my all.
       Can you see me?
    I’m a flower, blooming in a vacant area, stained red by you
        My watches never stop anytime, anywhere
            You’re my dear
      Even if you suddenly stop and don’t move again …
"Camellia", Amano Tsukiko (translation by kiwi-musume)


 Fatal Frame